• What is a Schmooze? A schmooze is an informal gathering where members meet to socialize and talk about children’s writing.  It is a support/fellowship/networking meeting. Often there are no guest speakers at a schmooze. Nor is any critiquing done. For purposes of comfort and safety, schmoozes are usually held in public venues (libraries, churches, parks, restaurants, bookstores, etc.). A topic for discussion may be chosen ahead of time to "get the ball rolling," but the object is to encourage everyone to participate. Input from attendees with experience related to the topic is always welcome. Or participants may attend an event together (i.e. a booksigning, author appearance, etc.). Attendees Open to SCBWI members and nonmembers. Attendees are discouraged from bringing young children to SCBWI events. Caregivers or facilitators for physically impaired attendees are always welcome. Regular Schmoozes currently on the Calendar - check calendar for specific dates and times or click here to go to the events page. Clark County, Vancouver, WA – monthly SE Portland – bimonthly League of Exceptional Writers Schmooze – monthly (Oct-May) PLAN A SCHMOOZE Here’s how: 1. Get approval from Carol Bloemen, Schmooze Coordinator, at bloemen.carol@gmail.com. 2. Choose a free location (a library, a community center, a cafe) and a date and time—one to two hours is a good length. Note: schmoozes are free to members and nonmembers alike, so a good way to introduce people to SCBWI. 3. Send a written announcement to Carol Bloemen for publicity purposes. Include a contact email and/or phone number. She'll send it to the appropriate people for the website, unless you prefer not, and if there's enough lead time, for the next NewsWorthy (deadlines are Jan 30, Mar 30, May 30, Jul 30, Sep 30 & Nov 30). 4. Share about the Schmooze on Toad Hall or other listserves where you can invite writers and illustrators. 5. If your Schmooze is location based, Carol can send an email announcing the Schmooze to people in that area. 6. Report back to Carol on results and she'll share in the newsletter.  Questions? Contact Carol Bloemen at bloemen.carol@gmail.com
  • CONNECTIONS are geographically-based groups for the purpose of networking for our SCBWI members in areas away from the Portland metro area where most of our events are held.

About Us

In this past year we've added programs, expanded the conference, reinstated the retreat and changed the newsletter from black and white to color and added content. The region has gone from one Regional Advisor to Co-Regional Advisors and an Illustator Coordinator, plus we've grown a team of other volunteers.


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Our Mission Statement

The purpose of SCBWI Oregon is to provide writers and illustrators of children’s literature with information, instructional classes and events that will improve their writing and illustrating and aid them in meeting specialists who can further their careers. We also strive to offer opportunities for networking with others and building a community of like-minded professionals.


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SCHOLARSHIPS Next deadline: July 1, 2014

Annual Retreat—Fall, 2014 

DOC: 2014 Scholarship Application and Instructions
PDF: 2014 Scholarship Application and Instructions


Interested in seeing PAL book covers and titles? Remember PAL stands for Published and Listed.
Download it: 2013_2014_March.pdf
(If you have a new book that is not on this list, and you don't think she has it, contact Amber Keyser.)

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