treeOur region has two Co-Regional Advisors, Judith Gardiner and Barb Herkert. Each signed up for a 3 year volunteer term begining June 2015. Sue Ford was our Co-RA for three years with Judi June 2012 – May 2015.  Sue is honored with the title of Regional Advisor Emerita for serving as RA in Oregon, Washington and Kansas. The region had previously been under the leadership of Robin Koontz for 18 years–she is honored with the title of Regional Advisor Emerita as well. 

Judi serves as the Annual Conference Director and Retreat Director. Of course, Judi and Barb make decisions for the region jointly.  Our Co-RAs oversee a team of volunteers who help plan upcoming events. Click here to see volunteer bios.


Co-Regional Advisors

Judi Gardineroregon-ra2@scbwi.org

Barb Herkertoregon-ra@scbwi.org

Illustrator Coordinator

Robyn Watersoregon-ic@scbwi.org


Advisory Committee (AdCom)

Carol Bloemen – The Write Direction Coordinator & Book Salesbloemen.carol@gmail.com

Laura Byrd – Hospitality/Event Session Coordinator/New Member Liaison  laura7byrd@yahoo.com

Carly Cohen – Webmaster – cscohen@gmail.com

Sue Ford – Newsletter Editor – suhligford@gmail.com

Kelly Garrett – The Next Level Coordinator – garrett.kelly@gmail.com

Talia Heath — Library/Bookstore Liaison – talia.heath@gmail.com

Kim Kasch – Critique Group Coordinator – kimkasch@comcast.net

Chamisa Kellogg – Art and Layout Editor/Illustrator At Large – chamisakellog@gmail.com

Barb Kerley – PAL Publicity Coordinator – barbara@barbarakerley.com

Roz Malin – Publicity – rrmalin@gmail.com

Arlene Williams – Good News and Articles Editor — OrNewsScbwi@gmail.com   

Rosanne Parry – Youth Outreach Coordinator – rosanneparry@comcast.net

New SW Washington Liaison Coming Soon! 

Debby Zigenis-Lowery – PAL Communicator – debbyzig@hotmail.com

treeHow you can communicate with the Co-RAs and Advisory Committee:

Send an email! Addresses above.

For the newsletter: Illustrations to Chamissa Kellog; Articles, event info, good news, etc. to Sue Ford.
In the subject line, please put: NEWSLETTER, your name and what you're sending

Critique group info and requests go to Kim Kasch

Notice of your PAL opportunites go to Barb Kerley

Youth Outreach questions go to Rosanne Parry

The Write Direction scheduling – talk to Carol Bloemen

Offers to volunteer go to Judi Gardiner

Website corrections, additions or info about broken links go to Carly Cohen


SCBWI oregon connections



CONNECTIONS are geographically-based groups for the purpose of networking for our SCBWI members in areas away from the Portland metro area where most of our events are held. Each area has one or more representatives. These representatives, under the authority of the Co-RAs, may plan local events in specific subsets of our region. Want your area covered? Find out what volunteering entails by contacting the Co-RAs.



Cidney Swanson – cidneyswanson@gmail.com
Doreen Grace Kester — contactdoreengrace@gmail.com
Kristin J. Ammerman — Kjgammerman@gmail.com