Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

About Us

We are a lively growing region. Our leadership is two Co-Regional Advisors (Co-RAs), an Illustrator Coordinator (IC), and a team of Advisory Committee members. We are all volunteers who want to serve our region. Read about us on our volunteer page.

Besides a biannual conference in the spring and a fall retreat our programs include:

  • The Great Critique – twice a year
  • The Next Level Professional Series – September through April
  • The Write Direction – always free – various locations and dates
  • New Member Tea – fall
  • Intensives – smaller workshops in nonconference years
  • Youth Outreach – The League of Exceptional Writers
  • Connections – area events
  • Illustrator events
  • PAL events

For details on what is happening now, go to the Events page.

If you want to volunteer to help in the region, contact us at