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Illustrator Homework

Illustrator Homework Assignment for Intensive Session – Sketch Dummy Workshop –
with Peter Brown, Author/Illustrator

Sunday, May 31, 2015

This session involves a homework assignment: to create a simple, original, 8-page wordless sketch dummy. You should refer to books such as Writing With Pictures by Uri Shulevitz, to get an understanding of the basic principles of visual storytelling that should be incorporated into your dummy. The workshop will begin with a 30-minute slideshow where Peter will share his approach to creating sketch dummies, and then we'll move on to a group critique of participants' work. Homework assignment is limited to 15 – you must pre-register. You do not have to participate in the homework assignment to attend this session.

Illustrator Homework Assignment for Intensive Session – Creating Memorable Picture Book Characters – with Patti Ann Harris, Executive Art Director, Scholastic, Inc.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

There are three options for the assignment.  Each illustrator should choose only one to sketch. 

Choose from one of the three different manuscripts in the links below. Create character sketches as well as a final color sample of the character. The sketches and final color piece will be mounted on an 18" x 24" presentation board. We will have a group critique and share fedback and experiences from the assignmet. Participants in the assignment are limited to 15. Please indicate when you register that you are participating in the homework assignment or not. You do not have to participate in the assignment to attend Patti Ann’s intensive session.

For manuscript choices, click on Patti Ann's Assignment.doc or Patti Ann's Assignment.pdf


art by Chris Purdin