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SCBWI Oregon Connections
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CONNECTIONS are geographically-based groups for the purpose of networking for our SCBWI members in areas away from the Portland metro area where most of our events are held. Each area has one or more representatives. These representatives, under the authority of the Co-RAs, can plan local events in specific subsets of our region.
SCBWI has a zero-tolerance policy against harassment of any kind. Any violation of this
policy is actionable. Go here for more information.
Representatives and their contact info are listed on the Volunteers page.

Area currently represented is: EUGENE
Their events will show on the calendar like any of our events.
We’d love to have southern Oregon and eastern Oregon represented too.

• If you are interested in volunteering as a representative, please fill out this form.
(Don’t worry–we won’t assign you without talking to you first!)

Some benefits we hope to see from CONNECTIONS:

– A chance to offer each member a Human Connection – a friendly face, a comrade – who shares same passion
– Create a feeling of “family” – a sense of community of writers and illustrators
– Identify future leaders
– Provide mentoring opportunities for future leaders
– Establish SCBWI identity within each community: libraries, bookstores, schools, newspapers, etc.
– Connect with ongoing community children’s book events to piggy-back programming
– Utilize talents/skills of membership – speakers, presenters
– Bring in already-established members of children’s book community

Questions, ideas, or want to volunteer in your area? Contact the area representatives, or the Co-RAs at