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PAL BOOK SALES at Retreat Store

PALBookSales Instructions

Booksales Form – please bring with your books to the retreat


Go to the one-on-one consultations page for full details for both manuscript critiques and portfolio reviews.

Information you may not remember about other Special Opportunities you've signed up for–all these required pre-registration when you registered:

Illustrator Sketch Group Friday: This will happen on Friday afternoon between 2:45-5:00. Bring sketch pads and media of choice. Barb Herkert will let you know where you're meeting.

Illustrators' Showcase for Members: Participate in the Illustrator's Showcase on Saturday morning via PowerPoint. If you participated last year, please submit new art. Send a maximum of 5 images to Barbara Herkert at by September 15th (but only if you pre-reigstered).

The Line Up: Submit your first line or first sentence for a new session on Saturday. These will be read anonymously. Go to to enter your first line or sentence. We'll want to know whether it is a picture book, nonfiction book, chapter book, middle grade novel or young adult novel. Please submit by October 10th, if you pre-registered.

Mini Book Launch for Members: Send your new book cover in digital format for a PowerPoint presentation and have a few minutes to comment on your book on Friday morning. Please limit your book images to 3 that have been released since October 2013. Instructions will be emailed to you (but only if you pre-reigstered).

Open Mic: You signed up for Friday or Saturday when you registered. You'll have 5 minutes total to read. Your time includes any talking you do before you read. If you are having a Manuscript Critique or are participating in the Roundtable Faculty Group Critique, we recommend either a different manuscript or a different portion of a manuscript.

Optional Peer Critique Groups: Genres: PB, MG, YA or OTHER. No more than 500 words in standard manuscript format! Bring 10 copies. We’ll group you the best we can. NOTE: We CANNOT make copies for you at the retreat. Please pre-register.

Optional Sketch Group: We are offering a sketch group on Friday during the 2:45-5:00 free time. If you have a consultation during this time, no worries. You can join us before or after your scheduled consultation time. Bring sketch pads and your media of choice. Please contact Barbara Herkert at for details. You registered for this, right?

Porfolio Display: Please limit your portfolios to 10-12 printed images.  No originals, please.  You may also bring postcards, business cards and other promotional materials.  You may include a book dummy in your portfolio.  Please attach it to your portfolio with string or something similar. Please limit the size of your portfolio to 11” x 14".  Again, you signed up so we know to have space for you, right?

Roundtable Faculty Critiques: You may only participate in one Roundtable Faculty Critique – the other session is for you to work! Similar to our “Great Critiques,” this is your chance to have a critique by a professional and your peers in a small group. First come, first serve when you register. We’ll assign by manuscript type—no choice on a specific faculty member, or which time period. We’ll do our best to put you in a group by genre; however, some groups may be mixed genre. Bring no more than 500 words in standard manuscript format! Bring 7 copies of the manuscript. If you have a one-on-one Consultation, please bring a different manuscript for this session.

Other Resources

Manuscript Checklist

Standard Manuscript Format


  1. log in to SCBWI
  2. go to MY HOME
  3. go to Event History
  4. find the retreat
  5. Click on View Registration Confirmation to the right
  6. a window will pop up showing you what you signed up for


Having trouble registering? Contact Sue Ford.