Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators


Click on the following link for a sample of standard manuscript format:

Sample-Standard-Manusript-Format.doc or


Here are some tips to help prepare you for your consultation:

  • Be timely–appointments are booked back to back. Arrive early, and depart graciously and promptly. Missed appointments cannot be made up, nor can fees be refunded.
  • Think about questions your critiquer might ask: What is your story about? (one to three sentences). Who is your audience? What makes your story unique? For illustrators, what is your medium? What is your illustration background?
  • Be professional. Be courteous and responsible. Do not telephone the editor or agent unless invited to do so. You may submit one manuscript after the event. Submission information will be in your packet. When you submit, refer to your attendance at the event, and to your consultation, if applicable, and mention why you think your work might be of interest.