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Featured Illustrators – September 2022


Welcome! Oregon SCBWI is proud to feature two Illustrator Members each month.


Below you’ll find information about these artists and links to their Portfolio Work.


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Photo: Christopher Diego


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Chamisa is an illustrator, writer, animator and art director based in Portland, Oregon. She makes work for children’s books, brands, games and animation. Her illustrated books include Crying is Like the Rain by Heather Hawk Feinberg and Some Days: A Tale of Love, Ice Cream and My Mom’s Chronic Illness by Julie A. Stamm. Her third illustrated book, The Pie That Molly Grew by Sue Heavenrich is due out fall 2023. Chamisa’s go-to illustration style is lush and textural with notes of nostalgia, dreaminess and play. She strives to make work that celebrates hope and connection. Find more of her work on social media @chamisafe.  

This month, Chamisa is participating in a character-centric show at the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin. Follow along as her character “Ploof” joins other characters from around the world for a week long show at the Neurotitan Gallery.

Wheelbarrow ride


Dog in Grass

Hide and seek






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I was raised as an only child, in a cabin, under the redwood trees, in Santa Cruz, California. While growing up, my greatest company was often my imagination. I spent my days creating stories and worlds in the woods, in the garden, along the creek bed, on the beach, and in the ocean. My mother provided me with ample books on myths, fairytales, folklore, and fantasy – and they inspire me to this day. I feel like these stories illustrate complex ideas and universal truths in simplified packages, so that they are accessible to all–these stories connect us and ask questions that are the most basic to expansive – beyond this world. I strive to create images that evoke awe, wonder, and emotion, and acknowledge the viewer and their own thoughts and stories, while introducing new ways of experiencing ideas and the world around us.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon and am the illustrator of the 44-card oracle, Cosmic Dancer Oracle, published in 2020 and internationally distributed through Blue Angel and Llewellyn Publishing. I am seeking agency representation and publishing opportunities.




Lighthouse storm

Knock on Wood