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PAL New Release Flyer


Each April and October, the Oregon SCBWI sends out a promotional flyer featuring Oregon PAL members’ new books to Oregon bookstores, libraries, and teachers. The flyer includes books coming out in the coming year as well as books released in the previous year. This means that if you submit your book as soon as you have a release date, then it will appear in two and possibly even three flyers. The flyer also includes your contact info and whether or not you’re interested in doing events.


To be included, your book must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have PAL status. If you’re not sure what this is please see
  2. Is either coming out this next year or was released in the last year. If you’re not sure, submit anyway. (However, if it is already in the most recent flyer, do not submit again.)

If your book meets the above criteria, please follow these steps to include your book:

  1. Fill out this form: for EACH book.
  2. Send a .jpeg of your book’s cover* to

IMPORTANT! Your image must be between 100KB and 250KB.

If you need help resizing your image, please read this document: Resizing Photos for use in Documents and for Websites.



  • Please include ALL requested information. If you are missing information, please contact your publisher before submitting the form.
  • Don’t forget to include paperback releases. While the hardcover is more exciting for us, the paperback is a much better seller in the children’s market.
  • Submit one form for each book.
  • Only submit once for each book. Your book will automatically be included in every flyer it is eligible for. No need to resubmit for each flyer.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ about the PAL New Release Flyer

Still need help?
Contact Talia Heath at



October 2017 New Release Flyer (screen quality 150 dpi)
October 2017 New Release Flyer (print quality 220 dpi)




The absolute easiest way to get a good picture of your book cover, is to go to the publisher's site, or Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, and copy the image from the site. (Don't click to enlarge the picture.)
– Right click on the cover image (PC) or Control click (Mac) and choose Save As.
– Name the image as your book title or portion of your title–often on publisher sites or other websites, the name is a string of numbers.
– Save the picture on your computer where you'll know to find it to attach it to the email.