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Scholarship Application

2020 Spring Conference Scholarship Application

The SCBWI Oregon is offering three 2-day scholarships for writers and illustrators who would like to attend the Biannual Spring Conference, May 16-17, 2020. This money has been raised by SCBWI members and friends to support each other and share the incredible opportunities the SCBWI has to offer. Applicants must be current members of SCBWI and may be published or pre-published. There are three categories in which applicants may apply. If judges deem that no entries qualify, the award for any scholarship may not be given out. By applying, you are authorizing SCBWI Oregon to use your name, likeness, and/or answers for publicity if you are a recipient. The application DEADLINE is February 15, 2020.

Copy and paste form below into your own document and fill it out.

When completed, please follow the instructions on the main scholarship page and forward your application to the Regional Team:

Laura Byrd –

Kim Kasch –

Robyn Waters –


Please fill in the following information.




Contact Number:


I am a(n) (please check all that apply):

___ Writer ___ Illustrator ___Both ___Published

If published, title & publisher of most recent published work: ___________________________________________________.

Check the scholarship category you would like to be considered for:

____ Novel Author

____ Picture Book Author

____ Illustrator

 Why did you choose to join the SCBWI?


What would you like to get from this experience?


How do you see yourself giving back to the SCBWI?


Please include a short bio (100 words)



Writing sample (full picture book manuscript up to 500 words or 500 words of a novel)


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