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The Write Direction World Tour!

FALL 2020!

Your Regional Team is on tour, so break out your go-go boots & miniskirts, your 80s spandex & acid wash jeans, your flannel shirts & vintage tees and joins us!

Kim, Kara, and Laura are hitting the highway – the information highway, at least – to visit our Write Direction groups for our very first World Tour. And because it’s all virtual, you can join us without leaving the comfort of your own home. We’re dropping in on all the established Write Direction groups, and adding dates for the Eugene/Corvallis and Metro West areas as well. And if you can’t make the group that is closest to you geographically, you can join us for any date. Though we do encourage you to come to your area’s so you can make friends and contacts.

So come rock out with us! We’ll get reacquainted, answer questions, do some giveaways, maybe do a few mini-workshops, and we might even sing some of our greatest hits, like “The Query Letter Blues”, “The Yellow Submarine (or Should I Paint It Green?)”, “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Main Character of Mine”, and that famous ode to agents, art directors, and editors: “I Want You to Want Me”.



An Invitation to this Digital Event will be emailed to all Regional Members

Here’s the current Fall 2020 schedule:

Clark County  October 9 7 pm
Eugene/Corvallis October 22 7 pm
Southern Oregon October 24 10 am
Salem    October 31 10 am
Metro West  November 5 7 pm
SW Portland  November 14 3 pm
Portland  November 18 7 pm
Central Oregon  December 2  3 pm

Visit the calendar for details about your Write Direction event and other events you’d like to attend.