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Children's Book Writers
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Our region has two Co-Regional Advisors, Laura Byrd and Kim Kasch,

and one Illustrator Coordinator, Robin Chilstrom.


Kim and Laura work together on regional events. Laura and Kim are in charge of the region as a whole, including  events, PAL opportunities, and the bimonthly newsletter. Our Co-RAs oversee a team of volunteers who coordinate or help plan our upcoming activities.

Kim and Laura signed up for a 5 year volunteer term beginning June 2018.

Our region has two Oregon Regional Advisor Emeritae: Judi Gardiner and Robin Koontz.

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Co-Regional Advisors:

Laura Byrd

Kim Kasch

Illustrator Coordinator
Robin Chilstrom


Advisory Committee (AdCom)

OPEN – Newsletter Editor 

      OPEN – Webinar Coordinator

Deb Bartsch – Library/Bookstore Liaison & The Write Direction Coordinator –

Kristin Burchell – SW Washington Liaison –

Lisa Gerlits – Great Critique Coordinator –

Nina Nolan – New Member Coordinator –

Robin Chilstrom – Webmaster –

Sheila Bailey – PAL Publicity Coordinator – 

Leslie Barnard Booth – Critique Group Coordinator –

Diane Kress Hower – Nonfiction Liaison –

Melissa Hart – Publicity –


treeHow you can communicate with the Co-RAs and Advisory Committee:  

Send an email!  Addresses above.

• Critique group
info goes to Leslie Bernard Booth
Please use the form on the critique group page if you want to join a critique group and can’t find one.

Newsletter: Illustrations, articles, event info, good news, etc. to oregon@scbwi.orgIn the subject line, please put: NEWSLETTER, your name, and what you’re sending.

• Website corrections, additions, or info about broken links go to Robin Chilstrom.


We are also looking for more volunteers for our volunteer-led region.
There are long term commitments–minimum of a year, such as the Advisory Committee–one time event positions, and volunteer at home positions. Without volunteers, events and services don’t happen in our region. If you’re willing, we can put you to work.

Please email to let us know how you’d like to help. And don’t worry, we won’t assign you something without talking to you!


SCBWI Oregon Connections

logo by Lisa Mundorff


CONNECTIONS are geographically-based groups for the purpose of networking for our SCBWI members in areas away from the Portland metro area where most of our events are held. Each area has one or more representatives. These representatives, under the authority of the Co-RAs, may plan local events in specific subsets of our region. Want your area covered? Find out what volunteering entails by contacting the Co-RAs.



Doreen Grace Kester –
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